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   Committee to Support Public Education

AFTPA’s Committee to Support Public Education protects our schools, jobs and pensions. You can support CSPE by selling #AnyoneButCorbett T-Shirts to members, retirees and friends. Proceeds benefit AFTPA’s CSPE fund, our union’s political action committee. The high-quality, cotton shirts are black, with short-sleeves. They are USA, union-made, and cost $15 each, including shipping.


Orders must be received by Jan. 17, 2014

Please indicate number of shirts you are ordering next to the appropiate size.



#AnyoneButCorbett T-Shirt Form

*Name of AFTPA Affiliate
*Shipping Address
Special Instructions
Women's Small - $15.00 each X
Women's Medium - $15.00 each X
Women's Large - $15.00 each X
Women's X-Large - $15.00 each X
Women's 2X-Large - $15.00 each at X
Women's Subtotal Number of Shirts
Women's Subtotal Cost of Shirts
Men's Small - $15.00 each X
Men's Medium - $15.00 each X
Men's Large - $15.00 each at X
Men's 2X-Large - $15.00 each at X
Men's 3X-Large - $15.00 each at X
Men's 4X-Large - $15.00 each at X
Men's Subtotal Number of Shirts
Men's Subtotal Cost of Shirts
Total No. of Shirts
Total Cost of Shirts
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 Checks payable to: AFTPA CSPE

Return form to: ABC @ AFTPA, 1816 Chestnut ST., Philadelphia PA 19103